Lily (or as we lovingly knew her, Lily Willy) was found in a field in Los Gatos, California in July, l990, at 4 weeks old. She had been separated from her litter and the vet held little hope for her survival.

We nursed her back to health and spent more than 17 incredible, loving years with our princess. On October 1st, on the most beautiful day anyone can imagine, Lily passed away surrounded by the people and animals she loved and who loved her the most.

We will never forget her or her loving presence.

Contact us by phone: (toll-free) 800.806.6994, (local) 303.443.7711; email: , or fax: 303-443-7730 You can also visit us at 906 Pearl St in the historic "West End" section of Boulder. Please stop by - we'd love to see you!

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