Farfel's Fotos Photography Packages and Rates

Sitting Fee:

includes one
8x10 print
of your choice



Lily's Package:

includes all original JPEG images on CD or


$195 (Sitting Fee)
+$225 (Lily's Pkg)
= $370 Total



Individual Prints:

2x3 - $3
4x6 - $10
5x7 - $24
x10 - $49
11x14 - $75
12x18 - $95
16x20 - $125

NEW! Photo Mounting (1/2 inch black gator board with hinged hangers)
8" x 10" : $34.95 • 11" x 14" : $49.95 • 16" x 20" : $74.95


In addition to being caring and passionate animal enthusiasts, Farfel’s Farm owners Sandy and Jeff each have more than twenty years experience as creative design-minded photographers and videographers.

Sandy owned her own photography studio for more than fifteen years. Originally located on Old South Gaylord in the Washington Park area of Denver, her studio moved to Main Street in Niwot, Colorado, just outside of Boulder. Now Sandy’s studio is an integral part of Farfel’s Farm’s location on Pearl Street in Boulder. Her photographs have been published nationally, including the annual report for the ACLU. Sandy’s work has also been featured on Channel 9 News in Denver.

Jeff is an accomplished documentary videographer and photographer, who in addition to developing ads for Coldwell Banker, NEC and Olympus Camera, has photographed children and animals for magazines and books.

Contact us by phone: (toll-free) 800.806.6994, (local) 303.443.7711; email: farfel@farfels.com , or fax: 303-648-5062 You can also visit us at 906 Pearl St in the historic "West End" section of Boulder. Please stop by - we'd love to see you!

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