You can’t help but get a lump in your throat as you observe the friendship of two 36 year-young geldings. You wonder if they’re just reminiscing about such different paths that brought them to this 14 year relationship. Seaba (a Welsh/Arab) was born in Williams, Oregon and, if I must say so, has had a very privileged life. We’ve probably covered at least 10,000 miles over our 23 years together. Seaba retired at 34 but I know he looks longingly as we saddle up the mares for a ride. He looks to Charlie for solace and off they go together.

I had no intention of adopting a horse as I arrived at the slaughter truck that freezing day. I was looking to save at least a few horses that I had waiting homes for. I saw the “proprietor” of the yard on the back of an ancient skeleton of a quarter horse. He was mercilessly beating on him. Charlie stood motionless, his caved-in face hanging just over the ground filth.

“I’ll take that horse” !! I strode forward and grabbed his halter.
“I’m taking him – NOW!!” “He’s got a few months, max.” “I’m taking him – GET OFF” And I took him. That was 14 incredible years ago.
Charlie’s old swayed back now sits on top of a belly that speaks of many well-fed years. Charlie and Seaba live in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. They have a calm, quiet life except when Charlie occasionally remembers his past flirting with the mares. He puts on quite a show. He still knows he’s got the touch with the women. Seaba shakes his graying, copper head and moves off to sulk and wait for Charlie to comes to his senses.

Their incredible vitality is due in large part to our vet, Charlotte Obermeier (a graduate of CSU). Her warmth & caring is a gift to us and our horses. It is also the diet of Senior and daily Strongid that seems to give these senior citizens their vitality.


Meet Farfel's Farm Owners Sandy Calvin and Jeff Richey

In addition to being caring and passionate animal enthusiasts, Farfel’s Farm owners Sandy and Jeff each have more than twenty years as creative design-minded photographers and videographers.
Sandy owned her own photography studio for more than fifteen years. Originally located on Old South Gaylord in the Washington Park area of Denver, her studio moved to Main Street in Niwot, Colorado, just outside of Boulder. Now Sandy’s studio is an integral part of Farfel’s Farm’s location on Pearl Street in Boulder. Her photographs have been published nationally, including the annual report for the ACLU. Sandy’s work has also been featured on Channel 9 News in Denver.
Jeff is an accomplished documentary videographer and photographer, who in addition to developing ads for Coldwell Banker, NEC and Olympus Camera, has photographed children and animals for magazines and books.
You can view additional photos of Sandy’s and Jeff’s online at, or you can call 800-806-6994 or 303-443-7711 for an appointment.

Meet Farfel and his family
In the photo to the right is Farfel’s Bearded Collie family. In the center is Farfel, on the left is Reesee, his mother, and on the right is Jiggs, Farfel’s father.
Reesee and Jiggs have multiple championships, and although he suffered an injury to his tail early in life, Farfel could very well be the happiest Beardie around — he’s a mountain dog who lives in one of the most beautiful spots in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and he loves to hike and run like a rabbit with four other dogs and five horses.
You can meet Farfel in person if you visit the Boulder store — he will likely be hanging out in his special spot in the front window next to our waterfall.

Remembering Our Lily...

  Click on the photo of Lily to learn more about one of our beloved founder.

    Farfel's Testimonials


Is one way we are doing our part towards a healthier environment and are always striving to do more...
Farfel's Farm uses wind energy for all of our electricity - to learn more check out
XCEL Energy

Contact us by phone: (toll-free) 800.806.6994, (local) 303.443.7711; email: , or fax: 303-443-7730 You can also visit us at 906 Pearl St in the historic "West End" section of Boulder. Please stop by - we'd love to see you!

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